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Bi-weekly Agent Call:
1st & 3rd Tuesdays of each month, 9 AM (EST)
1-866-568-0500 code 48757

Call 1-888-871-0417

NOTE: This phone number is for Agent use only. Existing Gateway members should call the number on the back of their ID cards.
Fax 1-888-551-9101
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Gateway HealthSM is committed to working with our agent partners to help your clients learn more about the Medicare products available through Gateway. 

Gateway HealthSM Medicare Assured® (HMO SNP), is one of the nation’s largest Medicare programs for the dual eligible population with more than 28,000 members in 28 Pennsylvania counties.

Medicare Assured® provides many extra benefits not covered by Original Medicare, like....

  • Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Dental Services
  • Transportation
  • Vision Care
  • Hearing Services
  • Fitness Center Membership
  • Bathroom Safety Products
  • Health & Wellness Education

For those who do qualify, there is no monthly premium*.  Yes, it’s true, $0 monthly premium.

*You must continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium - the State pays the Part B premium for dual members.

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