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Diversity Mission Statement

Gateway celebrates diversity by ensuring an environment that promotes respect and values differences among all employees, members, providers and the community. Gateway provides opportunities that foster understanding through open communication and education, optimize health outcomes for all members and build cultural competence of staff and key stakeholders.

Diversity W.O.R.K.S.

Gateway works to maintain a corporate culture that Welcomes Opportunities, Respect, Knowledge and Sensitivity. The result? We continue to lead by how effectively our staff works together to serve our external customers and each other as well.

Gateway demonstrates a commitment to building an inclusive culture with its core values:

  • Creating a "culture of inclusion" where everyone's uniqueness and their contributions are valued, respected, encouraged, supported and appreciated.
  • Building a harmonious and productive environment where we can all work smarter, faster, easier, and better in serving our external customers and each other.

Defining Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity is an integration of people with different backgrounds (generations, ethnic groups and cultures) from all sectors of an organization working together where each member feels valued and where full utilization of experiences, skills, and perspectives are encouraged and respected.

Giving Employees A Voice

Gateway acknowledges that our strength is our employees and their ability to impact business decisions. We make every effort to bridge communication gaps between employees and management.

Today, a growing number of employers regard the appropriate management of a diversity minded workforce to be critical for maintaining and improving their competitive edge. Gateway understands the contributions that each employee brings to the workplace. This is why it is very important to provide each employee with a voice to become an integral part of the organization. Employees from different backgrounds can bring fresh and new ideas. Different perspectives can result in innovative concepts and solutions.

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