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Interview Tips

To begin your job search at Gateway, start with a full understanding of our current opportunities available and learn what qualities and skills we expect in the job candidates we hire.

You should familiarize yourself with the job description. You should also compare your resume to the job description you are applying for.  Use keywords found in the job description. If you have done some of the same things they are asking for in the job description then they ought to be on your resume.

This involves tailoring your resume to the position you are applying to. Sending a general resume may not support your candidacy for the position.

Remember: Your resume has to say everything for you that you can’t say for yourself. Your resume will determine if you are selected to meet for an in-person interview. Until then, you may not get the chance to have that face-to-face interaction and be able to explain your resume interest, skills or abilities. Your resume is your voice and you want it to be the reason you were selected for an interview.


Interview Tips

If you were selected for an interview, congratulations! Here are some helpful tips in presenting yourself as a top candidate during your in-person meeting.

Be prepared. Bring multiple copies of your resume to the interview. Practice ahead of time and know how you would respond to difficult questions. Arrive at least 15 to 30 minutes early. You may require additional time for parking or to obtain building access.

Dress to impress. For the interview, if you are unsure what the dress code policy is, it's best to dress professional at all cost. Also ensure you look neat and clean. Gateway HealthSM has a business casual dress code for its employees. Professional attire is required for business meetings. Your interview is a business meeting and a professional appearance is what is expected.

Know what we do and how you would fit in. Research Gateway and the health insurance industry. Be prepared to discuss how Gateway’s business is of interest you.

Prove yourself. Know the competencies needed for the job and be ready to describe how your qualifications and experiences apply.  Remember to cite examples.

Ask questions. Ask questions about us and the job for which you are applying. This shows you are interested, and allows you to make informed decisions about your career.

  • Inquire about daily roles and responsibilities
  • Learn about the management styles and the leadership of the organization
  • Determine expectations that leads one to be successful in that role

Be your best self. Basic manners can have a big impact on a job interview. Sit up straight and make eye contact; both will make you look and feel confident. Be gracious and polite during the interview process. Stay positive: Upbeat energy makes a good impression.

By the end of you interview, you should know the following:

  • Ask the interviewer(s) for contact information (E-mail concise, individual thank-you notes. Be specific and outline why you are a good fit for the department)
  • Find out what the next steps are and when you will hear something