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Provider Updates

Medicare AssuredSM Updates

Gateway Health Medicare AssuredSM is a Medicare approved Special Needs Plan for people with both Medicare and Medicaid. To become a member, beneficiaries must be entitled to Medicare Part A and enrolled in Medicare Part B, receive Medicaid (full or QMB) and reside in our service area.

July 2015 Practitioner and Facility Emergency Department Policy
June 2015 Submit Radiology Authorizations Electronically
June 2015 Enhanced Clinical Editing Process -  iHealth
May 2015 Claims Submission Reminder
May 2015 Reimbursement Policy Regarding Practitioner and Facility Emergency Department
April 2015 Change in Reimbursement Policy for Hot and Cold Packs
October 2014 New Claims Mailing Address
October 2014 Change in Recredentialing Approval Notice
July 2014 New Lockbox for Submission of Refunds
April 2014 Implementation of Revised CMS-1500 / ACA Provider Revalidation
December 2013 Medicare Inpatient Pricer Delay
October 2013 ICD-10
July 2013 Mammogram Notice
June 2013 Changes Within Our Utilization Management (UM) Department (update)
May 2013 Medicare Advantage Sequestration

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