Wholecare is healthcare that sees the whole picture.

We’re a managed care organization that knows that health is about so much more than just doctor’s appointments and prescriptions. At Gateway Health, we believe that to truly care for a person’s health, we need a different kind of healthcare.
Our mission is to care for the whole person, in communities that need it most.

It’s time for a better, broader and more caring approach to healthcare. One that works as a support system and feels like a real community.

A community made up of members who have access to the kinds of benefits that make their lives better, inside and outside the doctor’s office.


A community made up of caregivers who are really there for their patients whenever they need them, actively making their lives better every day and always making a difference.

A community made up of providers who want to be a part of this new movement, because health is about the people you surround yourself with.

We believe in healthcare that goes beyond doctors and medicine to help people achieve not just physical health, but whole life health.

Gateway Health. It’s Wholecare.

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