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Gateway Health Medicare and Medicaid Plans

Leadership Team

Executive Leadership Team

Senior Leadership Team

  • Loretta Adams, VP, Clinical Services
  • Dr. Greg Busch, Chief Medical Officer, Highmark Health Options
  • Marian Dezelan, VP, Strategic Marketing and Communication
  • Shawn Beth Elman, VP, Operations
  • Johanna Hower, VP, Business Implementation
  • James Hynek, VP, Financial Planning and Analysis
  • Stacey Kittridge, VP, Human Resources
  • Marcia Martin, VP, Corporate Responsibility
  • Michael McCabe, VP, ForeverCare President
  • Gabriel Medley, VP, Quality and Risk Revenue
  • Praveen Mekala, VP, Strategic Finance and Analytics
  • Adam Mintz, VP, Sales
  • Theodore Pantaleo, VP, Network Contract and Development
  • Diana Rappa-Kesser, VP, Care Management, Health Options
  • Dr. Steven Szebenyi, Chief Medical Officer, Gateway Health
  • Reinaldo Toro, VP, Member Experience
  • Regina Vercilla, VP, Strategy and Innovation
  • John Wendling, VP, Market Development
  • Frances Woodward, VP, General Counsel
  • Eric Yarnell, VP, Pharmacy