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Gateway Health and CitiParks 2017 GrubUp Summer Meal Program Helps Feed Pittsburgh Children

October 9, 2017
News | Gateway Health and CitiParks 2017 GrubUp Summer Meal Program Helps Feed Pittsburgh Children

Pittsburgh – July 31, 2017 - Gateway Health, in partnership with CitiParks, is a proud sponsor of the 2017 GrubUp Pittsburgh. GrubUp is a meal service program launched by CitiParks to address food insecurity issues that children might experience during non-school months when they do not have access to school lunch programs. GrubUp provides healthy and delicious breakfasts, lunches and snacks Monday through Friday during the summer at city recreation centers. The meals are provided at no cost to all children up to 18 years old, as well as mentally disabled individuals up to 21 years old. The program is scheduled to conclude in August as children prepare to return to school.

“Through our partnership with CitiParks both this year and last, we have witnessed firsthand just how many children can be reached and how this program removes from already stressed parents, the worry and strain of determining how to feed kids nutritious lunches during summer,” said Patti Darnley, President and CEO of Gateway Health. “As a health plan that serves a vulnerable population, Gateway knows the importance of being a good neighbor in our community. Part of that is making sure that children and families have the greatest opportunity to experience a healthy lifestyle, in which eating balanced meals plays an integral role.”

As a primary sponsor, Gateway lends its support in supplying over 35,000 free meals Monday through Friday throughout the summer in addition to supervised fun activities in community recreation centers. The nine recreation centers where GrubUp will be held include: Ammon Community Recreation Center, Jefferson Recreation Center, Ormsby Recreation Center, Paulson Recreation Center, Magee Recreation Center, West Penn Community Recreation Center, Phillips Recreation Center, Phillips Recreation Center, Brookline Recreation Center and Warrington Field Recreation Center.

Each year, the GrubUp program, which was started in 2014, has increased its number of locations across the city of Pittsburgh as well as the amount of meals served. CitiParks and Gateway Health are both proud advocates for helping local communities deal with issues like food insecurity and their previous relationship of working together has allowed for the growth and expansion of summer programs like GrupUp Pittsburgh.

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