Gateway Health and Dasher Services, Inc. Welcome 600th Baby

February 4, 2020
News | Gateway Health and Dasher Services, Inc. Welcome 600th Baby

PITTSBURGH, Dec. 12, 2019 -- Gateway Health and Dasher are pleased to announce a major milestone with the birth of their 600th baby.

The baby, a healthy boy was safely delivered on November 21 at 9 lb. at UPMC Pinnacle Harrisburg Hospital. Mother and baby are doing very well back at home.

This important milestone indicates widespread recognition for great maternal care during pregnancy, labor and delivery, as well as the postpartum period. Reaching the 600-baby mark means that women are getting the individualized care they need that empowers them to make healthy, informed decisions for them and their babies.

"We are so excited to make this announcement. Gateway Health has been an amazing partner in this joint venture of meeting moms where they live and helping them to raise happy and healthy families," said Sharon Ryan, Dasher Services' CEO.

Since the partnership began in 2016, both Gateway Health and Dasher have assisted more than 600+ members through their pregnancies in nine Pennsylvania counties. This included over 4,200 face-to-face interactions with moms by visiting them where they live in the community.

This unique partnership ensures that mothers attend all their scheduled appointments with the goal of reducing maternity-related complications. Many of the Dasher Community Health Workers are matched peer-to-peer with the women to help maintain a level of comfort and positive influence. The mothers are happy to meet with someone they consider a friend, and are more apt to keep their appointments.

"The Dasher Community Health Workers are a valuable member of a great team," said Lakshmi Reddy, Medical Director of Gateway Health. "Together we focus on providing important maternal education in a fun and supportive way. It's a win for our members and a win for the health care system by reducing maternal complications."

About Gateway Health
Gateway Health is a leading managed care organization that believes total health and wellness cannot be attained by simply providing access to health care. In addition to physical health, Gateway Health addresses behavioral health and socioeconomic challenges for members in 37 Pennsylvania counties. Gateway Health's associates focus on enhancing the lives of plan members through innovative care models and tailored approaches to health management, delivered in partnership with a robust network of more than 80,000 primary care physicians, specialists, hospitals, and other ancillary providers. Gateway Health is also embedded in neighborhoods, providing meaningful programs and outreach to the community at-large.

About Dasher Services, Inc.
Dasher Services, Inc. is a woman-owned small business located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania that exists to help people live happy healthy lives. Dasher is dedicated to improving patient health outcomes by building trust between patients, their insurer, and their medical service providers. Dasher interacts with program participants to communicate health information through a variety of communication vehicles that is easy to understand and culturally sensitive to a diverse population. Dasher works to promote and participate in team-based care coordination, population health management, research, and development, which are the core pillars of health care reform.

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