Gateway Health Celebrates 25th Anniversary, City of Pittsburgh Declares December 11-15 “Gateway Health Week”

December 12, 2017
News | Gateway Health Celebrates 25th Anniversary, City of Pittsburgh Declares December 11-15 “Gateway Health Week”

Pittsburgh – December 12, 2017 – Gateway Health, established in Pittsburgh in 1992, is celebrating 25 years of providing Medicaid health coverage to Pennsylvania residents and the city of Pittsburgh is honoring this achievement. Mayor Bill Peduto has declared the week of December 11 – 15 as “Gateway Health Week” in recognition of how Gateway has served Pittsburgh families and the communities over the past 25 years. Additionally, County Executive Rich Fitzgerald has signed a proclamation honoring Gateway’s achievements and contributions over the last quarter of a century.

“Both Gateway Health and Pittsburgh have changed over the past 25 years, said Patti Darnley, Gateway President and CEO. “But the one thing that has not, and will not change, is our unwavering commitment and mission to provide access to the highest quality healthcare for Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable and deserving residents. We are honored that the Pittsburgh area and those who live here have put such trust in us and we intend to keep them healthy and happy for the next 25 years and beyond.”

Gateway Health was established in 1992 as a managed care alternative to the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare’s Medical Assistance and Medicaid Program and enrolled its first member in Allegheny County in 1993. Now serving over 550,000 members across six states, Gateway currently offers its members access to over 35,000 health care providers, 300 hospitals and more than 21,000 physicians, pharmacies and clinics.

In addition, Gateway Health has been a constant contributor to important health education and outreach programs that have both a positive and potentially lifesaving impact on residents including: asthma management, diabetes management, cardiovascular care, behavioral health care and substance abuse programs and care. Gateway Health has long recognized the ongoing health and social issues faced by Allegheny County and responded with programs aimed at fire and burn safety, domestic violence, health literacy, food insecurity and the opioid crisis to name a few. The commitment to and awareness of the fact that healthy communities foster healthy individuals and families is evidenced by Gateway’s involvement in supporting local philanthropic organizations and community outreach programs. Gateway’s ultimate goal is to remove the barriers so that at risk residents and their communities receive the attention and care that they both need and deserve.

“Thank you to Mayor Peduto and County Executive Rich Fitzgerald for bestowing this honor on Gateway Health,” said Darnley. We will uphold and deliver on being a proud Pittsburgh based health plan which serves members across not only Pennsylvania, but also many states and regions, with the same passion, integrity and care.”

Gateway Health will kick off their 25th Anniversary celebration year with the lighting of their new sign atop its headquarters in Four Gateway Center on Friday, December 15.

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Gateway Health is a nationally ranked managed care organization that focuses on providing the best possible healthcare to a growing number of Medicaid and Medicare Advantage consumers. A not-for-profit organization, Gateway Health serves the needs of at risk and vulnerable citizens with not only healthcare coverage, but services such as disease management, health and wellness programs and preventive care. The organization provides Medicaid services in Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia and Medicare coverage in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Ohio and North Carolina. Our commitment to helping our members and their communities get and stay healthy is what keeps members, providers, communities and partners “Good with Gateway.” To learn more about Gateway Health, visit us online at

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