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Gateway Health Dedicates Reading Room In Natrona Heights Community Center

October 9, 2017
News | Gateway Health Dedicates Reading Room In Natrona Heights Community Center
PITTSBURGH – September 5, 2017 – Gateway Health, in partnership with the Allegheny County Housing Authority, recently opened a new Reading Room at the Lloyd D. Hayden Community Center in Natrona Heights. A ribbon cutting was held Friday, August 11, with guest speakers that included Beverly Moore, Deputy Executive Director, Allegheny County Housing Authority and Jessica Cromer, V.P. and Executive Director of Gateway’s Pennsylvania Medicaid division. Gateway Health donated several books for elementary and middle school children and, the Center is still accepting contributions.

“Today’s readers are tomorrow’s leaders,” said Ms. Cromer, Gateway Health. “Our goal is to promote literacy while providing a safe and comfortable setting for children who may not have access to such accommodations. We realize that all children need a place where they can escape into the comfort and wonder of books without the disruption of daily life. Gateway plans to host future book drives to ensure there’s a continued supply of material,” added Cromer.

“Reading allows children to find out more about people, places and things that they may not be regularly exposed to. This curiosity leads to better understanding of how the world works, as well as a better understanding of themselves,” said Beverly Moore, Allegheny County Housing Authority. We’re thankful to Gateway for recognizing the importance of this activity and providing just the haven for children immerse themselves in books.”

Gateway also furnished the new room with colorful chairs and rugs as well a craft station where children visiting the Community Center can enhance their creativity. The Hayden Center is also used for after school care so younger children can use the Reading Room’s desks and quiet atmosphere for homework or studying.

As part of the dedication ceremony, which was part of the Sheldon Park’s Community Day, Program Coordinator Elaine Dillman read aloud the popular children’s book “Wombat Stew” by Marcia Vaughn, as children acted out the story which they had been introduced to earlier in the year and concocted a mock-wombat stew recipe, consisting of chocolate and pretzels. The new reading room was also decorated with inspirational posters and pictures, as well as artwork from children who attend the Community Center’s programs. Visit Gateway on Facebook to see photos and video of the unveiling.

About Gateway Health

Gateway Health is a nationally ranked managed care organization that focuses on providing the best possible healthcare to a growing number of Medicaid and Medicare Advantage consumers. A not-for-profit organization, Gateway Health serves the needs of at risk and vulnerable citizens with not only healthcare coverage, but services such as disease management, health and wellness programs and preventive care. The organization provides Medicaid services in Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia and Medicare coverage in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Ohio and North Carolina. Our commitment to helping our members and their communities get and stay healthy is what keeps members, providers, communities and partners “Good with Gateway.” To learn more about Gateway Health, visit us online at

About the Lloyd D. Hayden Community Center

The Lloyd D. Hayden Community Center, located at 480 Park Ave in the Natrona Heights is part of the Allegheny County Housing Authority’s free community centers. The Hayden Center offers the Head Start Program (ages 3-5 years); the Beverly Jewel Walls Lovelace After School Program (ages 5-18 years); and At-Risk Youth Center (ages 13-18 years). The Community Center is named after the late Lloyd D. Hayden Sr., who served as president of Sheldon Park’s Residents’ Council for 30 years.