Gateway Health Gets a Kick Out of Soccer: Makes Donation to Pittsburgh Soccer in the Community

May 11, 2018
News | Gateway Health Gets a Kick Out of Soccer: Makes Donation to Pittsburgh Soccer in the Community

Pittsburgh – May 14, 2018

Soccer pitches around the City will soon proliferate with athletes from around the world who now call Pittsburgh home. That’s because Gateway Health is donating $12,760 to support Pittsburgh Soccer in the Community (PSC) and offering preventive health initiatives for program participants. PSC is an organization that is dedicated to providing at risk communities in Pittsburgh with access to tuition free-soccer programs and lifestyle education in their local neighborhoods.

While building the fundamentals of soccer skills, the program also aims to teach life skills that support participants’ development both on and off the field. By eliminating barriers and creating opportunities, the program hopes to build stronger, more confident individuals.

In conjunction with this ongoing collaboration, Gateway community representatives will host several upcoming health education and awareness sessions for those participating in PSC.

Accepting the donation on behalf of PSC were representatives from the organization, including its program directors and participants who play in the Pittsburgh Soccer in the Community League.

The director of the League, Haji Muya, was on-hand to accept the donation at Gateway’s downtown headquarters. Mr. Muya, an alumnus of the PSC program who joined the staff in 2012, is a Somalian refugee who has experienced the direct impact and connection to the community that a donation like the one Gateway Health has made.

“The goal of PSC is to bring people from all around the world together alongside Pittsburgh natives,” said Mr. Muya. “To know who your neighbors are while bringing different cultures together and enjoy each other’s company.”

Mr. Muya is currently the Assistant Coach of Arsenal FC of PA U-8s team and the Assistant Coach mentor for the Pittsburgh Somali Bantu Community Team.

“As a community-focused managed care organization, we are excited to give back to PSC and former players such as Haji who have become the face of a donation like this,” said Judy Sapos, Manager of Corporate Responsibility and Partnerships for Gateway Health, who also presented the check on behalf of Gateway to the PSC. “We are thrilled to sponsor their Summer Soccer League because it does so much to bring many cultures together – while helping to establish and create lifelong friendships among those who play.”

Erick Nishimwe, one of the players in the refugee league, agreed with Mr. Muya’s thought that a sport like soccer, which is widely regarded as most popular sport in the world, combined with the structure and organization like PSC, helps unite the diverse cultures and communities of Pittsburgh.

“It’s a really great thing, especially for me because I come from a different continent and country and I am able to meet new people,” said Mr. Nishimwe. “I get to know them very well, even though we have a different language, and see how they play.”

As part of the donation, Gateway will also have their logo included on PSC jerseys.

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