Gateway Health Offers Hope to New Moms with Pacify Mobile App

June 6, 2019
News | Gateway Health Offers Hope to New Moms with Pacify Mobile App

PITTSBURGH – June 5, 2019 - In an effort to help mothers improve health outcomes for their newborns, Gateway Health today announced that it has launched a pilot program offering Pacify Health’s mobile app to new and soon-to-be mothers enrolled in Pennsylvania’s Health Choices Medicaid program. Gateway Health is also the first Managed Care Organization to work with Pacify Health in Pennsylvania. Enrolled mothers will receive notifications to help them remain healthy during their pregnancy and receive health education tips for their new baby. The service will initially be available to 1,000 mothers in the following locations: Dauphin County, Lehigh County, Lancaster County and McKees Rocks.

The Pacify service, which is also available to consumers on Android and iOS platforms, will link users to lactation consultants, Gateway Health Maternity Case Managers, or 24-hour Nurse Line. On average, the mobile app will connect mothers and experts in less than a minute at any time of the day or night. The end goal is to alleviate any stress or anxiety mothers know all too well those first few weeks home with a new baby.

“Traditionally, new mothers in need of assistance during off hours had few options outside of calling a family friend, searching the Internet, visiting an emergency room, or waking up their doctor during the middle of the night,” says Lakshmi Reddy, M.D., Medical Director, Gateway Health. “A service capable of offering 24-7 consulting is capable of not only reassuring worried mothers, she continued, but would also greatly reduce unnecessary emergency services and their accompanying expenses.”

Many mothers are also single and struggle with other issues such as food scarcity. With this new collaboration between Gateway and Pacify, moms will be connected to a Gateway Care Manager who can direct them to the nearest food pantry or possibly have food delivered to their home because good nutrition is essential for nursing and new mothers.

Pre-programmed messages can be scheduled and sent throughout the child’s first year. For example, Gateway can send text reminders for vaccinations and well child exams, including lead screenings.

“When it’s 2 o’clock in the morning and you’re struggling with breast feeding, the last thing you want to hear is that that the first available appointment isn’t until the next morning,” says Pacify Health CEO Ben Lundin. “This service will help close care gaps associated with the Medicaid population, while empowering parents to be active decision makers in the care of their babies.”

Along with live video chat, Pacify also features regular push notifications, alerts, and various educational resources related to prepartum and postpartum wellbeing. Pacify staff submit chart notes after each call with findings and recommendations.

About Gateway Health

Gateway Health is a leading managed care organization that believes total health and wellness cannot be attained by simply providing access to health care. In addition to physical health, Gateway Health addresses behavioral health and socioeconomic challenges of nearly 550,000 members across Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Delaware, and West Virginia. Gateway Health’s 1,800 associates focus on enhancing the lives of plan members through innovative care models and tailored approaches to health management, delivered in partnership with a robust network of more than 80,000 primary care physicians, specialists, hospitals, and other ancillary providers. On a broader scale, Gateway Health is embedded in neighborhoods, providing meaningful programs and outreach to the community-at-large. Meeting members where they are, coupled with a commitment to treating the whole person is what enables each of them to say “I’m Good with Gateway”.

About Pacify

Pacify is the most effective 24/7 telehealth app for new parents. Our on-demand technology quickly and conveniently connects new parents to a nationwide network of healthcare experts at the touch of a button through their mobile devices. Studies have shown that the first 1,000 days of a child’s life are the most important to their development. Pacify’s technology was created because we recognized that new parents need highly-responsive, non-emergency healthcare support during this critical time period. In addition to maintaining a thriving consumer product business, Pacify provides its services to many new parents at no cost through partnerships with employers, health plans, and other public health programs. Pacify is filling an important gap in the healthcare system as a premier go-to resource for pediatric advice and support.

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