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Gateway Health Pharmacy Team Receives Award From Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy

July 26, 2017
News | Gateway Health Pharmacy Team Receives Award From Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy

Pittsburgh – May 22, 2017 -The Gateway Health pharmacy team was a recent winner of a bronze medal at the annual Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy national meeting in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Francine Snyder and Dr. Deanna Rowe, both Senior Pharmacists at Gateway Health, earned the honor for their abstract which was entitled, “Assessment of Healthcare Provider Training, Awareness, and Management Practices for Chronic Opioid Therapy.”

“I am incredibly proud of the work, time and effort that went into this research and the value that it brings to treating the current opioid crisis,” said Gateway senior vice president and chief pharmacy officer, Cynthia Pigg. “Both Dr. Rowe and Dr. Snyder are shining examples of why Gateway continues to grow and the value it brings to both members and providers as a premier managed care organization. This award reflects their dedication to improving, understanding, and providing direction on one of the fastest rising issues in America today”

The basis of the research conducted by Dr. Rowe and Dr. Snyder was to assess the rise in the number of opioid related overdoses and death and how that effect interacts with the apprehension associated with prescribing opioids. The study identified gaps in provider educations after evaluating providers’ training and awareness of chronic opioid therapy, abuse, and universal precautions, as well as providers’ model and practice for managing patients on these therapies.

The research conducted by Dr. Rowe and Dr. Snyder used survey results from providers showing that 87% of them recognized opioid abuse as a priority for their practice and that they used an average of 6.3 tools or interventions to mitigate risk. The end result of the survey points to a disparity between provider practices and the level of opioid training they receive, leaving Rowe and Snyder to conclude additional education is necessary to increase a provider’s comfort level regarding patients on chronic opioid therapy.

“The results of this study will allow Gateway Health to offer enhanced educational opportunities and resources so providers can improve management of patient care when writing prescriptions to treat chronic pain and the use of long-term opioid therapy,” said Pigg.

The annual Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy meeting is a premier event for managed care pharmacists, health plan administrators, medical directors, doctors, nurses and other practitioners. Its goal is to bring awareness, education and share ideas from top managed care leaders on what's working best in healthcare.

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