Gateway Health Plan Debuts It’s Wholecare Brand Platform, Plans to Donate More Than $1 Million to Address Social Determinants of Health

June 4, 2020
News | Gateway Health Plan Debuts It’s Wholecare Brand Platform, Plans to Donate More Than $1 Million to Address Social Determinants of Health

Gateway Health Plan Debuts It’s Wholecare Brand Platform, Plans to Donate More Than $1 Million to Address Social Determinants of Health

New brand identity highlights focus on total health and improving health equity in Pennsylvania communities

PITTSBURGH, June 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Gateway Health Plan, a leading managed care organization dedicated to caring for the “total health” of its members, today announced the launch of its new brand platform, Wholecare, along with its redefined mission, vision and core values. As part of these efforts, the company also plans to contribute more than $1 million in 2020 to support strategic community partnerships that focus on social determinants of health (SDoH).

Gateway’s legacy of addressing SDoH, which refers to the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age, can be traced back to the start of the company more than 27 years ago. The new Wholecare brand platform fully embraces this commitment to whole person care. The new brand features a modern visual style, a warm color palette, refreshed logo and more vibrant imagery that complement the mission-driven messaging.

“Taking a holistic approach to our members’ care continues to be at the core of who we are at Gateway Health. Given the health and economic impact of COVID-19, we believe now is the right time – when the community needs us the most – to bring our new brand to life. The events of the past week have also brought critical racial equality issues to the forefront of the national discussion. Driven by our mission, we will continue to play a leading role in improving health and socioeconomic equality in the communities we serve,” said Cain Hayes, President and CEO of Gateway Health. “For many years now, we have carefully considered members’ physical, mental and socioeconomic health while coordinating their personalized care. Whether it’s providing them with assistance for housing, food, employment, or transportation, we’re here to guide them every step of the way of their healthcare journey. Our new Wholecare brand identity proudly reflects this promise in both our external marketing materials and internal company culture.”

New Culture Platform Provides a Roadmap for Associates

Gateway’s efforts to redefine its new brand include the unveiling of a new mission, vision and values for its more than 1,000 associates.

  • Mission: Our mission is to care for the whole person in all communities where the need is greatest
  • Vision: We see a future in which everyone has equal opportunity to achieve their best health
  • Values: Embrace Challenges, Be Accountable, Have Heart, Do Good and Celebrate Differences

“In a rapidly changing healthcare marketplace, it’s essential that Gateway has a set of values that truly reflects our unique culture and increases associate engagement,” said Phil Barr, Senior Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer and Interim Chief Financial Officer at Gateway Health. “In building our new brand identity from the ground up, we wanted to ensure our associates have a roadmap about the types of behaviors that will help us provide best-in-class service to our members, providers and the community. With our new mission, vision and values as our north star, we are confident that we have the right tools in place to deliver on our brand promise and achieve our strategic priorities.”

To learn more about Gateway’s new Wholecare brand platform, mission, vision and values, go to and watch the new “Business of Caring” video here.

Committing Over $1 Million to Address SDoH and Support Community Partnerships

As part of its commitment to caring for the “total health” of the community, Gateway Health today announced its plan to commit more than $1 million to support non-profit organizations, community partners and SDoH causes in 2020.

In a recent contribution, Gateway Health made a significant donation to the American Heart Association’s (AHA) Emergency Healthy Food Access Program, a key initiative of the AHA’s COVID-19 response efforts. Recent statistics from the American College of Cardiology show that 40 percent of people hospitalized with COVID-19 had cardiovascular or cerebrovascular disease (stroke). According to the American Heart Association, “Access to healthy food is the basis of health, cardiovascular disease prevention and healthy life expectancy.”

Many of the areas where Gateway Health members live have been hit especially hard by the economic challenges associated with COVID-19, including food insecurities. Gateway Health’s donation to this important relief effort will assist communities across Pennsylvania. They will be able to expand access to much needed heathy food options in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The donation also supports ongoing nutrition education and resources in these areas.

“Protecting the most vulnerable members of the neighborhoods where we live and work has never been more important,” said Mr. Hayes. “Our donation to the American Heart Association will directly help low-income seniors and other vulnerable individuals in the Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Central Pennsylvania communities get the food options they need to stay healthy during these uncertain times.”

Additionally, Gateway Health is pleased to support other SDoH causes, such as job training opportunities and education. Gateway Health continues to help to break the cycle of poverty while setting individuals on a path to greater financial freedom by recently making a donation to the A. Philip Randolph Institute, which specializes in providing valuable employment training to the community. Gateway Health’s donation covered salaries for the organization’s community outreach staff. The company also made a donation to Project Destiny on the North Side of Pittsburgh to provide childcare for parents attending the Community College of Allegheny County.

About Gateway Health
At Gateway Health, we believe in caring for the whole person in all communities where the need is greatest. We see a future in which everyone has equal opportunity to achieve their best health. Through our leading Medicaid and Medicare programs, Gateway Health is coordinating healthcare that goes beyond doctors and medicine that helps members achieve not just physical health, but also delivers whole person care. Our associates are helping to drive this new kind of healthcare in collaboration with a network of 29,000 primary care physicians, specialists, hospitals, and other ancillary providers. Gateway Health is also committed to supporting our neighbors through our many community outreach and engagement programs.

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