Gateway Health Supports National Minority Health Month with Education, Awareness Events in Key Markets

April 17, 2018
News | Gateway Health Supports National Minority Health Month with Education, Awareness Events in Key Markets

Health inequities are differences in health that are avoidable, unfair, and unjust. To help raise awareness and fight growing health disparity issues, Gateway Health – a leading managed care organization – is pleased to host health education and awareness events in over 15 U.S. markets. Gateway is participating in these events this month to honor and support National Minority Health Month, which occurs annually every April and is designated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Minority Health.

“Here at Gateway Health, our commitment to the community extends beyond providing access to high-quality care,” said Anita Edwards, MD, Gateway Health Medical Director and Health Equity Committee Chair. “Our mission also proudly encompasses proactive awareness, education and community partnership efforts to help decrease health disparities and improve health equity.”

According to the National Partnership for Action to End Health Disparities, there are significant opportunities to improve health outcome measures for racial and ethnic minorities in the U.S. Their research shows that these individuals are less likely to get the preventive care they need to stay healthy. They are also more likely to suffer from serious illnesses, such as diabetes or heart disease. Additionally, when they do get sick, they are less likely to have access to the high-quality care they need.

Gateway Health remains committed to developing and supporting strategic initiatives that address health disparities and equities for our members, as well as those in the community. Through outreach and health educational programs, Gateway aims to make a positive difference in the lives of those around the organization by ensuring individuals are aware of major health issues and how they can get the best possible care.

“This year’s National Minority Health Month theme – Partnering for Health Equity – is a topic that is particularly vital to a community-focused organization like Gateway,” said Dr. Edwards. “It’s something that we have the right team in the right places to lend our support to, especially as we continue to grow our team into new markets and states.”

Some of the ongoing health education and awareness events that Gateway will be hosting throughout key markets in April include:

  • A hearing screenings opportunity in Philadelphia
  • Health literacy bingo in Cleveland
  • Distributing health education materials at a community event in Wake Forest, NC
  • A health and wellness interactive event (Wellness Wheel) in Louisville, KY
  • A “Take Charge of Your Health” presentation in Pittsburgh highlighting specific actions you can take before, during and after your doctor’s appointment to get the most out of your visit.

This is just a sample of the events that Gateway representatives will be supporting. If you are interested in learning more about any of these programs, visit the official Gateway Health Facebook page,, for an event near you and to view photo recaps.

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