EPSDT Program

What is EPSDT?

The Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment (EPSDT) program is a child health initiative for Medical Assistance members. Think of it like this:

  • Early: Assessing and identifying problems early
  • Periodic: Checking children's health at periodic, age-appropriate intervals
  • Screening: Providing physical, mental, developmental, dental, hearing, vision, and other screening tests to detect potential problems
  • Diagnostic: Performing diagnostic tests to follow up when a risk is identified, and
  • Treatment: Control, correct or reduce health problems found.

Your child’s good health starts with having regular checkups with their primary care provider (PCP). Your child's PCP will complete a yearly physical exam to make sure they are growing well, as well as conduct preventive screenings based on your child’s age, sex and medical history to make sure they do not have any health problems. For more information on our program and a checkups, screenings, and test schedule download our program brochure.




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