Flu Shot FAQ

March 1, 2021
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Why should I get a flu shot?

Flu shots can help protect you from getting sick from the flu virus. It can help keep you healthy so that you don’t miss work or school. It can also prevent hospitalizations or death caused by the flu.

How often should I get a flu shot?

Once a Year.

Who should get the flu shot?

Everyone 6 months and older should get a flu shot. People who have a high risk of developing flu-related complications should especially get the flu shot. This includes:

  • Adults 65 + years
  • Asthma
  • Heart Disease & Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Pregnant Women
  • Children younger than 5 years old
  • HIV/AIDs
  • Cancer

Some people may not be able to get a flu shot because of their age, health history or allergies. Talk to your doctor to see if you should get a flu shot.

Where can I get a flu shot?

Children 3 years and younger can get their flu shot from their PCP or Health Department.
Children over 3 years of age and adults can get their flu shot at their PCP’s office, Health Department or local Pharmacy.

Source: CDC.gov
Last updated 1/26/2021

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